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RESTORATION: “The Fountain of Grace”

Commented by María Antonia López de Asiaín.

This painting is made in three planes. At the top, Christ on the throne between the Virgin and Saint John the Evangelist with the Lamb at his feet, from which a spring flows. In the middle plane are a heavenly choir with its musicians. On the left side of the bottom plane are kings, noblemen, popes, and theologians, while the right side shows variously confused, fleeing Jews, one of whom is blindfolded. The Sacred Forms that flow with the water give this subject a clearly Eucharistic significance, making water a symbol of the Grace that illuminates the Triumphant Church and blinds the Synagogue, that is, those Jews who do not recognize Christ. The painting is based on the van Eyck brothers´ polyptych at the Cathedral of Saint Bavon in Ghent, although there are some differences, especially the greater architectural development of the canopy placed on the three terraces and the position of the lamb at the Creator´s feet. The work was already in Spain in the mid-fifteenth-century, when Enrique IV donated it to the Monastery of El Parral in Segovia.

Spanish and English subtitles are available.


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